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PDIC Bulletin No. 2016-28 (Advisory Against Deposit Insurance Claim Scam)

BULLETIN NO. 2016-28

TO : All Member Banks
SUBJECT : Advisory Against Deposit Insurance Claim Scam

       The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) issued a Notice to Depositors and the General Public to beware of deposit insurance claim scams involving certain individuals who represent themselves either as officers of the PDIC and related government agencies, or as persons who can facilitate payment of deposit insurance claims and recovery of uninsured deposits.

All member-banks are enjoined to include in their public advisories or display in their office premises a copy of PDIC's advisory against deposit insurance claim scam, and to report to PDIC any information on individuals or entities who offer their services and demand for fees to facilitate any transaction with the PDIC.

For inquiries and assistance, please contact the PDIC Public Assistance Department at telephone numbers (02) 841-4630 to 31.

For strict compliance.

Date: December 27, 2016

Requirements for Account Opening-Corporate

* Sec Certificate of Registration

* Notarized Secretary Certificate

* Articles Of Incorporation & By-Laws

* Notarized Board Resolution to open an account with 1vb, election of officers and authorized signatories

* Two Valid ID's of Signatories

* Three recent 2x2 picture of Signatories

* Business Permit

* General Information Sheet

Requirements for Account Opening-Individual

* Colored photocopy of 2 Valid ID's

* Three pieces 2x2 pictures

* If you have business - Business Permit, DTI Permit

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